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Make an IOS app

Hello! This is a suggestion that would take a long time to accomplish.

The suggestion i'd like to make is that, an app should be released for IOS users;
This way, it would be much more convenient and easy to use, it might take time to get things right and adjust to the app but I feel it's an idea that could be taken into consideration.

It's slightly unfair that Android users have access to the DrawPlanet drawing board via their browser.
IOS users do not have access to the same board through Safari which might be a disappointment.

An app would make things much easier and completely optional, people may use it as a last resort as well. Providing us with an app might increase the amount of users going on DrawPlanet.

To conclude, I think this suggestion might make a difference and an impact on IOS users and DrawPlanet itself.

Izzy , 21.11.2013, 12:27
Response from the site administrator
fdt, 21.11.2013
(Disclaimer: I do not have an android phone, nor am I completely up to date with what they are doing)

Last I checked, android flash support was something you either had to install from adobie or was something your phone maker had to bundle into your os.

It is not a 'standard' feature of android, and the fact that some phones can use flockmod is an unintentional bonus from the newer android devices beginning to bundle flash.

We have considered branching out into the mobile app area, and getting the app to run on the IOS should be possible (though it would take some work to make it act right for a phone interface).

However, seeing how other mobile phone drawing apps have gone, we have decided to hold off on working toward phone support.
Drawing with your thumbs is just not that good of an experience and leads to mistakes and trollish behavior.

This idea will be left open for voting and consideration though, and may be reconsidered if the response is strong enough.
Idea status: under consideration


Oce, 26.12.2013, 16:20
(Just to be sure, i=Izzy: DrawPlanet and Drawdevil/py-bot is not the same thing. DrawPlanet is only a room on Drawdevil/py-bot's Flockmod. Flockmod is the drawing application. There are many other rooms.)

If you get back into mobile aps, think about windows phone users too! I think the ideal would be to make a full html5 app, so you're sure it works on any real web browser. But that's probably a lot of work to redo from the basement.
fdt, 26.12.2013, 18:03
html5 support is spotty and graphic rendering speed is a LOT slower then flash.

Combined with mobile browsers doing their own implementations, and having less processing power, html5 is not on the table for us currently.

Any mobile apps would need to be made per platform, or developed with a higher level toolkit (likely at a premium cost) that allows us to write code that can be converted into different os apps.
Oce, 28.12.2013, 05:35
What about a social app?
Not one with the full flockmod possibilities, but one that would allow you to log into a room, see who's connected and chat with your "roomates"? And maybe a "read only" stream of the board, with a tunable refreshing frequency, to make the app more or less heavy depending on your hardware/connexion?

For example you have a friend drawing at home who wants to show you what he's doing while you're in the metro, just connect to his room and you see it

Should I make a new idea post about that to see what people think about it?
fdt, 30.12.2013, 10:31
The chat might be do-able. The image stream would not be something very plausible.

We dont stream images, we stream actions.

Change to brush x, set color y, draw from 100,250 - 125,260.
That sort of thing.

We would need to duplicate every brush in full in whatever language that particular phone uses to get streaming drawing to work well.
Or constantly request the board from users in the room, and thats just going to induce lag for some slower computers.
LachlanDS, 17.08.2016, 00:28
I so badly want there to be an iOS app! I don't use my computer as much as I use my iPad, and I see many people on Drawception with profile pictures made with Flockmod and they all look so cool! But I can't use it on my iPad...vfeskhjbk gchvdsogugvfssjvbkvfew

Me, 29.12.2017, 14:21
I agree on the app idea. I'm not a fan of only IOS since I have a samsung (im an android user in other words) but everyone needs an app. Im not a app developer but I dont think it could take longer than maybe 3 monthes. This may be a huge thing to focus on but it would make so many people happy. Plus, we could always buy a stylus.
Ayres, 15.06.2019, 11:26
I'd love to draw with my friends on my Ipad. I tried mirroring the desktop to my Ipad and draw on there but that doesn't work well. Please think about an app for ios and android. There are so many tablets and phones with pencil support. It would be such a great thing. I would pay for it too.

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