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Ban manager addition #2

Hi, I had an idea and I was wondering what everyone else thought of it, so this isn't directly to the devs unless a lot of people approve. How about a function that allows mods to enter a reason why the user was banned? It wouldn't be automatically when you ban, but the moderator would be allowed to go back and re-insert the ban when he or she is ready. Until then it would remain at "Not Specified". This would make a lot of users happy, and cause a lot less confusion due to mods "forgetting" why they banned a user.

lava , 27.12.2013, 12:07
Idea status: under consideration


Ay yo bb, 18.01.2014, 01:10
I completely agree with this. In my opinion, it would make "finding out why a user was banned" less of a hassle for a moderator in those large rooms, especially if the moderator is not logged on.
There was once the "//ban [] for []" command for chat, which was really great. Reading the reasons really gave me a fine idea of what the moderator would ban for and, if the room had moderator rules, then to see if they are following the provided expectations.
:) Good idea, I support it!
weasles2, 23.02.2016, 17:52
This idea is GREAT!
I got banned from the server "undertale" for no reason
I clearly pm'ed the mod(whispered) We've got buisness now!
And they said "so yeah. Bye!"
And I said nothing rude to the moderator known as "Miss_Muffet"
But (he or she) banned me!
deadguy749, 08.05.2016, 17:14
I know this, as I myself was banned from undertale for no reason by Miss Muffet.
One solution would be asking the owner to demote and ban Miss Muffet from undertale so she cannot abuse her powers on that room anymore.
Another solution is to ask FDT to delete and get rid of Undertale so the moderators lose their room and have to go to others.
The third and final solution is to ask FDT to ban Miss Muffet from Flockmod and/or all its rooms.
Now, there are many more solutions to punishing Miss Muffet for being a bad moderator and abusing her powers, but these are the solutions that I had at the top of my mind.
Thank you for your time,
P.S. I have a room called deadpeople that is SFW, but a calm room. If you would like to join, use the Flockmod email to message me that you'll be there in (insert number) minutes and join the room when those minutes are over. I will promote you to a Trusted User when you get there. If you are polite, I will promote you to Full Moderator. Thank you!
Someone, 31.05.2017, 08:11
Good idea

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