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524 votes Vote

You should be able to see inboxes you sent.

Like, you can see anything people send to you but there should be a little thread or something that also shows your replies and stuff, like DeviantArt notes or something. Also, when the same person messages you twice in a row in the same subject...
turntechDavehead, 06.01.2017, 06:49
321 votes Vote

We should have a friendlist.

as far as, you basically right click a user (for registered users) and click 'add to friendslist', and you can custom-message from clicking their username, and also, you should be able to see what room they are in and/or if they are online. I...
Abfaif, 30.10.2016, 14:06
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304 votes Vote

D's super cool awesome draw game

Much like auto's old drawgame on the flockdraw servers, this game revolves around a topic, a timelimit, and a group of people trying to recreate the topic in a box. There used to be an automated version of this game, but it was never recreated in...
D, 07.04.2016, 18:06
193 votes Vote

Secondary Board

In the major rooms, often users end up without enough space to draw when there are more than 20+ users or so. To solve this issue, room owners tried to manage multiple rooms at the same time, which does help, but it fragments the user base...
Anonymous, 14.10.2014, 20:26
171 votes Vote

if you get banned you get sent to a flockmod jail room which is owned by derek for 24 hours.

Space, 01.10.2014, 13:01
165 votes Vote

You should put out a Mac desktop version.

I want to be able to use the perks of the desktop version but I have a mac.
Molly Hutchinson, 27.01.2014, 05:30
161 votes Vote

Censor for chat

Letting room owners/mods add words to a list which will be censored/replaced in the room chat might be a good idea.
Doormat, 02.05.2014, 12:40
146 votes Vote

Resizing and cropping when using load

Well, when you load images on to the board you always have to go into ms paint(or some other secondary program) and resize the picture that you want to load. I think it would be helpful, if you could add the ability to crop or resize your picture....
Myth, 29.11.2014, 10:39
139 votes Vote

Automatic tagging the the name of the room in the upload.

An option to automatically tag the name of the room in your upload. This would help for those that use the save option several times a day and would also help a lot in the organization of the gallery's artworks.
Anonymous, 30.09.2014, 18:33
130 votes Vote

Trusted users should have a colored name.

Marina, 08.06.2014, 10:59
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125 votes Vote


1. Okay. We need a BLOCK INBOXES button, because having some troll spam your neat inboxes is gross and stupid. Please, Auto. -Sytry 2. Also, see what you sent in inboxes, like I said. 3. And maybe even custom user names for certain ranks? B) 4....
turntechDavehead, 23.06.2017, 15:21
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121 votes Vote

You can copy and paste text on the board

When typing and putting something on the board, you should be able to paste something on.
Misaki, 19.04.2015, 06:45
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109 votes Vote

Flockmod for android!

We port Flockmod to Android!
Rep, 17.09.2014, 17:06
104 votes Vote


Now that I got your attention, I think it might be a good idea for each user to be able to disable auto-ignore if they so desire.
Nantaku, 04.12.2014, 23:17
90 votes Vote

rooms registered under my name

I do not remember all the rooms I have registered under my username, How can I get the list of them?
3, 27.11.2013, 10:30
73 votes Vote

The smudge tool doesn't work if you're working on a layer that is alpha, makes it all black.

Yes it's very annoying because if you're working on a second or third layer you have to before you start drawing add 100% white or whatever colour underneath before you start drawing, to have the smudge tool work.
Darlur, 08.06.2014, 02:50
68 votes Vote

Add choosable font size limits

Since the max is a lot and some rooms usually want smaller text as the limit, the room owner(s) can adjust the maximum limit for the text!
turntechDavehead, 10.02.2017, 13:03
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58 votes Vote

Change that nasty ass logo that Flock has. Its really fucking ugly and looks like it was made in MS Paint

It litterely looks like they did it in 2 minutes. Just like "Okay heres two fonts, now lets use some random ass colors. DONE!" Srsly stop its time to stop
deli_cious, 05.03.2017, 18:09
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56 votes Vote

Artist's flockmod

Here are some ideas for making Flockmod more artist friendly. -Make the hot key for the color picker x and the hot key for the brush tool z. -Make it possible for users with the right privileges to select a region and resize it. This would be...
Tomte, 07.06.2015, 20:25
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53 votes Vote

Colour Hex

I know there are somethings you can't change about flockmod due to some rules and such. Although, would it be possible to add Colour Hex (for those who don't know, they're colour codes such as #00000 for black, #fffff for white, and such) I...
Spideyninjagirl, 10.01.2014, 17:39
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52 votes Vote

Custom Resolution/pixel dimensions?

Hey devs! Is it possible or planned to set a higher resolution of the canvas? Our drawing group has often the problem, that we run out of space because we're having groups of 9 or 10 people. Thank you in advance for your reply. Best regards
Response from the site administrator
fdt, 14.11.2013
We will look into allowing higher resolutions,
It will be tricky and other similar drawing sites have attempted this and failed due to the stress it put on their server.

But we would love to be the one that makes it happen :)
bernd, 13.11.2013, 06:48
49 votes Vote

Make an IOS app

Hello! This is a suggestion that would take a long time to accomplish. The suggestion i'd like to make is that, an app should be released for IOS users; This way, it would be much more convenient and easy to use, it might take time to get...
Response from the site administrator
fdt, 21.11.2013
(Disclaimer: I do not have an android phone, nor am I completely up to date with what they are doing)

Last I checked, android flash support was something you either had to install from adobie or was something your phone maker had to bundle into your os.

It is not a 'standard' feature of android, and the fact that some phones can use flockmod is an unintentional bonus from the newer android devices beginning to bundle flash.

We have considered branching out into the mobile app area, and getting the app to run on the IOS should be possible (though it would take some work to make it act right for a phone interface).

However, seeing how other mobile phone drawing apps have gone, we have decided to hold off on working toward phone support.
Drawing with your thumbs is just not that good of an experience and leads to mistakes and trollish behavior.

This idea will be left open for voting and consideration though, and may be reconsidered if the response is strong enough.
Izzy, 21.11.2013, 12:27
49 votes Vote

nlobby4 users harassing other lobbies to join them, needs vote kick

people come into our lobby and hover with text trying to direct people to their lobby.
Anon, 19.05.2014, 01:10
43 votes Vote

Will have mac a tablet pressure senstivity support ?

Will have mac a tablet pressure senstivity support ?
Daniel, 09.01.2015, 13:03
39 votes Vote

Ban manager addition #2

Hi, I had an idea and I was wondering what everyone else thought of it, so this isn't directly to the devs unless a lot of people approve. How about a function that allows mods to enter a reason why the user was banned? It wouldn't be...
lava, 27.12.2013, 12:07
38 votes Vote

Basic vector tools

A bezier tool would allow people people to make aesthetic curves quickly and easily. It would be particularly helpful for people who aren't using a touchscreen. It would be ideal if we could plot a path using several points without actually...
ToasterRepairMare, 02.03.2015, 10:50
35 votes Vote


It would be nice to have the Eyedropper as a hold function, like it is in Photoshop? i.e. holding Alt changes your tool to eyedropper for as long as it's held down, rather than toggled onto its own tool? It's jarring going from Flockmod to PS...
Derpa, 11.04.2015, 22:22
32 votes Vote

Mod message notification thingy

I think a cool idea would to have something (such as the chat bar) always display a message that any mod can put up, like the room description except not as long and always showing, perhaps the owner of the room can assign certain mod powers and...
Michelle, 08.11.2013, 22:00
32 votes Vote

Box highlight part of a drawing and move it

I tend to come across moments when I notice a part of my drawing is off and needs to be re-adjusted. It'd be nice to be able to select that one part and move it like in an art program.
BlazeFaia, 22.06.2014, 14:00
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30 votes Vote

Undo from someone else

Hi, love the amount of work you guys have done for flockmod! Just a thought I wanted to share. Would it be possible to implement an undo system that fetches the stored boards from other users in the room? Fairly often a moderator would get...
jmeel14, 06.05.2015, 07:20
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